Our team

Elke Jeanrond-Premauer & Tobias Premauer 

Having lost orientation in the abundance of information that I contributed to   ̶ this was one of the reasons why we chose to take a new path of mediation. Why not gather around a table far away from our daily lives to literally look at the vastness? We found this place and we resuscitated it. We, that's a former journalist and a manager running a guest house, a place where thinking and Beeing are one. It's our interest for people and their stories that brought us here, as well as the wish to get people for whom the sole consumption of information isn't enough to communicate with each other, but also those who just want to wallow in the past in beautiful rooms or those wanting to dream of the good life.

We have made it our business to welcome people, to care for them and to make them feel like home, even if they're only passing by. No matter whether they are are staying for one night or several days, for a reflection week or for another cultural event  ̶or aim is to take care of the well-being of our guests  and to open a place of retreat full of history and stories.

Mélanie Favet

Full of passion our young gardener Mélanie takes care of the lovely garden with all it’s forgotten vegetables and plants. When you visit Orion she will proudly present the beautiful garden and show you around the property, which is decorated by all kinds of flowers and herbs. She is also a great water colour artist and she did a lot of paintings of the house and garden.

Sylvie Lavie-Cambot & Cathy Lacourt

Sylvie and Cathy take care of the cleanliness so that guests can feel totally comfortable. Whether antique floors, furniture or the modern kitchen, they work true wonders. Even while being extremely busy during the summer months, they always keep smiling.

Teo – The Château dog

He is an exceedingly nice companion and a cross between Patou and Labrador. Most of the time you find him outside under the sycamore tree where he listens to the exchange of ideas of our guests and thereby he enjoys the sun. As a permanent participant of the weeks of reflection he is probably the cleverest dog in the world. He is happy about the companionship and strokes he gets here.

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