Partners & friends - The local producers

It is our principle to obtain products such as wine, cheese, bread and soap from regional producers. Most products are produced in less then 64km from the Château.

Le pain du coin

Three times per week our neighbour Etienne Leroy bakes his delicious leavened bread in our old wood stove from 1516. The flour is ground in the region, the salt is from the salines of Salies-de-Béarn and all ingredients are organic.

Pâtisserie Charrier

The pastry chef and backer from the lovely medieval town of Sauveterre is our furnisher in French croissants, chocolate croissants and baguette.

Domaines Lapeyre et Guilhemas

Pascal Lapeyre grows brilliant white and redwines close to Orion. His vineyard has more than 100 years of tradition. You can taste a large assortment here in Château d’Orion or you can visit Pascal in his lovely renovated wine-cellar in Salies-de-Béarn.  

AromaNature - Leanne & Sylvain Chevallier

Not only is our cuisine a delight for your senses but also in the bathroom you will be indulged by selected local products. The soaps made by Leanne and Sylvain are handmade, unique and no synthetic ingredients are used to make them.

Chateau de Cabidos - Vivien de Nazelle & Méo Sakorn-Sériés

White and red wine is made at the vineyard in the north of the Béarn since 1992. The Sauvignon and the Syrah get prices every year! You are welcome to visit this stunning manor.

Domaine Cabarrouy - Freya Skoda & Patrice Limousin  

Their vineyard is in the South of the region A.O.C Jurançon and every year they produce different sorts of exquisite white wines. Creativity with a dose of blood, sweat and tears were necessary to establish this small family business.

Matthias Maas – Fotografie

The Berlin photographer Mathias Maas has a remarkable talent to capture architecture in his pictures. A highlight was his “Canfranc-project” made between 1991 and 2001. He took pictures of an old French-Spanish train station not far away from Orion and has also taken one of the most impressive pictures ever of the Château.  

Partners & friends - Cultural organisations

Association Rencontre d'Orion

A lot of concerts, exhibitions or events in Orion are organized by this nonprofit association which is also a partner association of the German Château d’Orion e.V.. It is a realization of the French-German relationship because the members of Rencontre d’Orion are French and German as well. Because of their voluntary involvement they make cultural events in this region possible.  

Château d'Orion e.V.

The association Château d’Orion e.V. is a circle of friends of Château d’Orion and organizes and supports courses, lectures, workshops, meetings, readings, exhibitions, concerts or similar projects in Germany and France. The main focus is on the maintenance of the French-German friendship with a view on the house in the Béarn.  

Institut Heinrich Mann

Since the year 1988 Paul Selinger as President of this Institute is supporting german language and culture in France with numerous activities and a large network. These common goals and a long standing friendship connect the Institute Heinrich Mann and Château d’Orion.

Goethe Institut Bordeaux

It is a representation in Bordeaux of the Federal Republic of Germany and a contact point for German citizens in France. Furthermore it is an Institution which supports the German-French relationship on an official and political level.

Hessischer Literaturrat

Every year a scholar comes to Château d’Orion. Thanks to the cooperation with the Institut Heinrich Mann we already could welcome Ricarda Junge, Dr. Sabine Appel, Selkis Riefling and Frank Gerhardt.

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