Château d'Orion - its history

In the beginning Château d’Orion was built as an „Abbaye laique”. From the 17th century to the French Revolution the former owner of Château d’Orion the family Casamayor looked after the nearby church. Following them the family of Jean-Ninon Larrouy bought the property, their wealth was based on trading the famous „Jambon de Bayonne”. Through the heirs Louis and afterwards Henriette Larrouy the manor came into the possession of the famous French surgeon Paul Reclus. In Paris he carried out experiments with cocaine as an anaesthetic and he invented the "Pommade Reclus". 

Paul Reclus’ brothers were also well-established characters at that time. Élisée Reclus was one of the most famous anarchists in France and a world famous geographer and Armand Reclus played an important part as an engineer of the Panama Canal.

His descendant, Jean Labbé married in the fifties Marguerite Bérard the daughter of the former education secretary of France, Léon Bérard. Madame Labbé still lives in the Château d’Orion till this day. 

We are at the gateway between historic and present conflicts. For example during the Second World War, the Château was a „Réseau de la résistance”. The line of demarcation which divided France into a free and an occupied zone passed by a view kilometres from the house. 

In the year 2003 Madame Labbé sold the house together with the inventory to the family Premauer. All of its history is right here!

To take possession of a house full of history like Château d’Orion means to carry a responsibility. Therefore we decided to create a chambre d’hôtes where you can feel the spirit of the centuries without churning up the dust of the past. We love all of the stories left at the Château by the people who have lived there. The intellectual microcosm of the past is now filled with exibitions, concerts, seminars and weeks of reflection. We do not administer the ashes, but spark a fire to take a flame of history to future generations. 

Château d'Orion - the adventure of its renovation

To get an impression of the amount of work which was put into the renovation of Château d'Orion (with before and after pictures!), please check out the French or German version of this website's section!

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