Château d'Orion - its vision

Château d’Orion is the guesthouse, which creates through encounters impetus for a Europe of the Regions. For a long time this place was an intellectual microcosm, today it provides a basis for the “new thinking” and for cautious regional development.

For quite some time the specially developed „weeks of reflections” are taking place. People from different social classes, professions and of all ages meet to compete for new cognition and to go about new challenges for a European development. At the same time the Château follows the maxim of Heinrich Mann: „Who thinks has to act!”

We are at the gateway between historic and present conflicts. For example at the Second World War the Château was a „Réseau de la résistance”. The line of demarcation which divided France into a free and an occupied zone passed by a view kilometres from the house. 

In 2013 we were rewarded for all of the effort by being given the European Citizenship Award from the European Parliament. For us this is an encouragement and motivation at the same time to continue our work.

We won’t stop supporting art and culture for making the hidden but rich cultural scene accessible and the Béarn visible. Hence we are strengthening a careful development of the rural space situated on the border to Spain. 

Geographically residing in the Béarn, near the Spanish boarder, in between the French-Basque provinces the Château is a living museum and invites us to think of new perspectives for Europe.

Picture above: Anarchist & geographer Élisée Reclus, one of the many famous brothers of Paul Reclus, who acquired the Château in the 19th century (see also our section about the history of the house)

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